The First Cup: Brooklyn Field Club defeat ‘cup holders’ Yonkers FC to reach Challenge Cup Semifinals (March 28, 1914)

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Brooklyn Field Club from the 1913/14 season introduces “The First Cup” series, which revisits the first running of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup (then known as the National Challenge Cup) that took place from the fall of 1913 to the spring of 1914.

Editor’s note: As you read this, you’ll notice a lot of players with just one name. This is not an oversight on our part, but rather, many of the sources of this information (newspapers, publications etc.) only use the last name of players in their stories. If you have confirmation of any of their names, or any other details that would add to our historical records, feel free to reach out to us HERE. We are always looking for help with historical research.

Links to the full series are located at the bottom of this story.

The Brooklyn Field Club ousted Yonkers FC 4-1 at Manhattan Field to reach the semifinals of the inaugural National Challenge Cup.

Support and its coverage of the US Open Cup by purchasing a "Champions" shirt, honoring the five clubs from the pre-Modern Era (1914-1994) to win four or more US Open Cup titles. Visit THECUP.US SHOP

Support and its coverage of the US Open Cup by purchasing a “Champions” shirt, honoring the five clubs from the pre-Modern Era (1914-1994) to win four or more US Open Cup titles. Visit THECUP.US SHOP

Yonkers were the holders of the Dewar Trophy, as they had been awarded it for winning the American Amateur Football Association Cup in 1913. It was the one and only time the Dewar trophy was awarded for a competition other than the National Challenge Cup.

The New York Tribune reported that despite a steady all-day rain, the Manhattan Field pitch held up rather well. The midfield stayed in good shape, and the only muddy areas were at the boundary lines.

Yonkers drew first blood 20 minutes into the game. Young, the inside left for Yonkers, sent a long, low shot past Field Club goalkeeper Pennell. Five minutes before halftime.

Brooklyn equalized with a somewhat controversial goal. Neil Clark, with what was described by the Tribune as a “lucky reach of his foot”, sent the ball just past the Yonkers goal line. While the goal seemed somewhat doubtful, referee Charles Creighton allowed it to stand and the score was tied 1-1 heading into the break.

Soon after the second half began, Robert Millar received a nice pass from George Knowles and gave the Field Club a 2-1 lead. Millar began the run-up for the third goal with a long pass to Percy Adamson, who in turn took the ball up field and sent it in to James Ford for a 3-1 advantage.

With just 10 minutes remaining Slade added the fourth and final goal.

The Tribune noted Millar, Hinds and Charles Drinkwater as standout players for Field Club, while Porter, Kerr, McHollan and Dickson were noted stood out for the losing side.

Path to the Quarterfinals

Brooklyn Field Club
Round 1: 1-0 win vs. IRT Strollers
Round 2: 3-0 win vs. Brooklyn Rangers FC
Round 3: 1-0 win vs. Bethlehem FC*
* The result was protested by Bethlehem, but the USFA ruled in favor of BFC

Yonkers FC
Round 1: Bye
Round 2: 3-0 win vs. Fulton AC
Round 3: 3-1 win vs. New York Celtic*
* Referee ended the match with 10 minutes remaining (Sent off player refused to leave)

1913/14 National Challenge Cup Quarterfinals
rooklyn Field Club 4:1 Yonkers FC

Scoring Summary
Yonkers: Young – 20th min.
Brooklyn: Neil Clark – 40th min.
Brooklyn: Robert Millar (George Knowles) – early 2nd half
Brooklyn: James Ford – 2nd half
Brooklyn: Slade – 80th min.


Pennell, Hinds, Charles Drinkwater, H.W. Matthews, Neil Clark, Nichols, James Ford, George Knowles, Percy Adamson, Robert Millar, Slad

Porter, Dearn, Kydd, Kerr, McKenzie, Dennison, McHollan, Dickson, Petri, Young, Dick

Charles E. Creighton | Linesmen – Clark, Craig

A detailed look back at the 1913/1914 National Challenge Cup

Sept. 12, 1913 / Oct. 11, 1913: How the 1913/14 National Challenge Cup began
Nov. 1, 1913: The inaugural National Challenge Cup gets under way
Nov. 2, 1913: Brooklyn Field Club begins their journey as Round 1 concludes
Nov. 29 1913: Farr Alpaca forfeit Round 1 replay with New Bedford FC
Dec. 6, 1913: Four teams move on to Round 3, two more to be decided by protest or replay
Dec. 14, 1913: Second Round nearly complete as USFA announces protest results, draw for Round 3
Dec. 21, 1913: Third time’s the charm for St. George FC as Round 2 comes to a close
Jan. 12, 1914: Rochester’s MacNaughton Rangers forfeit replay with Niagara Falls Rangers
Jan. 24, 1914: Differing opinions as New Bedford FC eliminates West Philadelphia FC to reach quarterfinals
Jan. 25, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club, Columbia Oval join the quarterfinals
Mar. 8, 1914: Pullman FC beats Hyde Park Blues in Chicago derby to complete quarterfinal field
Mar. 28, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club defeat ‘cup holders’ Yonkers FC to reach Challenge Cup Semifinals
Mar. 29, 1914: Brooklyn Celtic defense carries them past Columbia Oval, into Semifinals
Apr. 5, 1914: Niagara Falls Rangers topple Pullman FC to complete Semifinal field
Apr. 18, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club edge New Bedford FC to reach inaugural National Challenge Cup Final
Apr. 26, 1914: Brooklyn Celtic cruises past Niagara Falls Rangers to reach inaugural National Challenge Cup Final
Before the 1913/1914 Final: By boat or by train, Brooklyn Field Club, Brooklyn Celtic prepare for inaugural National Challenge Cup Final
May 16, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club wins inaugural National Challenge Cup on late winner over Brooklyn Celtic

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