The First Cup: Third time’s the charm for St. George FC as Round 2 comes to a close (Dec. 21, 1913)

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Brooklyn Field Club from the 1913/14 season introduces “The First Cup” series, which revisits the first running of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup (then known as the National Challenge Cup) that took place from the fall of 1913 to the spring of 1914.

Editor’s note: As you read this, you’ll notice a lot of players with just one name. This is not an oversight on our part, but rather, many of the sources of this information (newspapers, publications etc.) only use the last name of players in their stories. If you have confirmation of any of their names, or any other details that would add to our historical records, feel free to reach out to us HERE. We are always looking for help with historical research.

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On Dec. 21, 1913, the second round of the 1913-14 National Challenge Cup came to a close with four games in Detroit, New York and New Jersey.

In the lone game that was not a replay, it was a Brooklyn derby with the Brooklyn Field Club puting down the Rangers by a 3-0 score at Marquette Oval in Brooklyn. The Field Club team, who at the time of the game were 5-0-0 in National Association Football League play, found the Rangers club to be no trouble at all. The first of Robert Millar’s two goals came after twenty minutes, and his second came just two minutes into the second half. Five minutes later Millar assisted on the final goal for the Field Club, as he centered a long pass to goal scorer Charles Drinkwater.

St. George FC from the 1913/14 season

Along with teammate Harry H. Shanholt, Robert Millar had the distinction of being selected to represent the NAFL in the annual New Years Day game against the New York State Amateur Football League.

The win set up the Field Club to host Bethlehem FC in the third round, which would become one of the more anticipated matches of the inaugural tournament.

After playing to a scoreless draw on Nov. 30, and a 1-1 stalemate on Dec. 14, Hudson United and St. George FC finally settled their second round struggle at Manhattan Field, with St. George coming out on top 2-1.

St. George took a 1-0 lead in the first half thanks to a penalty kick converted by Kelly. Hudson United drew level on a goal from Brennan. Barrett gave the lead back to St. George in the second half, and they managed to hold on and avoid another replay. St. George will face Peabody FC from Philadelphia’s Allied American Football League in the third round.

In Harrison, New Jersey, the Alley Boys FC took their second round replay with a convincing 4-0 win over West Hudson Juniors. The Alley Boys were in the middle of a fantastic season in which they won the New Jersey State Amateur Football League with a 22-0-0 record, finishing nine points ahead of second place Babcock & Wilcox.

Detroit’s Packard FC from the 1913/14 season.

In the final replay game of the day, Packard FC triumphed over Roses FC 2-1 after extra time in a Detroit derby.

In front of 800 spectators, referee Garrett O’Keefe whistled to start the game, and from the beginning both ends of the field saw action. At the fifteen minute mark Roses won a corner kick when Stead cleared the ball for Packard out of the goal area. Smith delivered a perfect kick from which Horton scored the opening goal for Roses.

Packard wasted no time in scoring the equalizing goal, rushing the ball down the field from the ensuing kickoff. During a battle for the ball on the left side of the penalty area, a foul was called on one of the fullbacks for Roses, which resulted in a penalty kick being awarded to Packard. Reid sent his shot high into the corner of the goal to tie the game 1-1, which is where the first half eventually finished.

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Support and its coverage of the US Open Cup by purchasing a “Champions” shirt, honoring the five clubs from the pre-Modern Era (1914-1994) to win four or more US Open Cup titles. Visit THECUP.US SHOP

At the start of the second half, Roses nearly took the lead when right halfback Wink dribbled past three Packard defenders, only to send his shot over the crossbar. A few minutes later Packard won a corner kick but failed to convert.

After some fine passing between Miller and Horton, Roses won a corner which was cleared by Stead. Roses defense, anchored by goalkeeper Stansfield, thwarted the remaining attacks by Packard, and full time ended with the score still knotted at 1-1.

Just five minutes into extra time, Sutherland worked the ball down the field and after beating a Roses defender, fired a fast low shot past Roses’ goalkeeper Stevenson for what would eventually be the winning goal. Packard will host either MacNaughton Rangers of Niagara Falls Rangers in the third round. The USFA had yet to officially decide if a replay was in order following Niagara Falls protest of their 1-0 loss to MacNaughton back on Nov. 30.

(See the standings for the National Association Football League to get a sense of where some of these teams were in league play)

1913/14 National Challenge Cup – Second Round
Dec. 14, 1913

Packard FC 2:1 (AET) Roses FC
Packard Park – Detroit, Michigan

Scoring Summary
Roses: Horton (Smith) – 15th minute
Packard: Reid (PK) – 1st half
Packard: Sutherland – 95th minute

Stevenson, Stead, Reed, Mair, H. Sutherland, Stewart, Ramsay, G. Miller, Fraser, Murphy, Meldrum
Roses: Standfield, G. Cowan, Morgan, Wink, Henderson, Moore, Sutherland, Shankland, Horton, J. Miller

Garrett O’Keefe | Linesmen: Leech, Ferguson | Attendance: 800


Brooklyn FC 3:0 Brooklyn Rangers
Marquette Oval – Brooklyn, New York

Scoring Summary
Brooklyn FC: Robert Millar – 20th minute
Brooklyn FC: Robert Millar – 47th minute
Brooklyn FC: Charles Drinkwater (Robert Millar) – 53rd minute

Brooklyn FC:
Pennell, Quinlan, Hynd, Mathews, Nichols, Gallow, Ford, H. Shanholt, Charles Drinkwater, Robert Miller, H.H. Shanholt
Rangers: McLeod, Gray, Marshall, Ross, Bell, Thompson, Cull, Liddie, McBride, McChesnie, Wallace

Charles Creighton | Linesme: J. Burrows, H. Ross


St. George FC 2:1 Hudson United FC (2nd replay)
Manhattan Field – Manhattan, New York

Scoring Summary
St. George: Kelly (PK), Barrett
Hudson: Brennan

St. George:
Irving, Kelly, Jackson, Molyneaux, Garland, Durney, Grant, Barrett, E. Newman, Dunhavin, Finley
Hudson: Anthony, Bone, Sharrock, Cusack, Hopper, Longhurst, Swan, Hassall, Brett, Brennan, Buckle

H. Erskine | Linesmen: Adams, Ryan


Alley Boys FC 4:0 West Hudson Juniors
Harrison, New Jersey

Scoring Summary



National Association Football League Standings (as of 12/22/1913)

West Hudson FC 6-0-1 13
Brooklyn Field Club 5-0-0 10
Scottish-American FC 3-1-1 7
Clan McDonald 3-2-1 7
Paterson Rangers 2-1-3 7
True Blues 2-2-1 5
Wilberforce 2-3-1 5
Newark FC 2-4-1 5
Jersey AC 1-2-2 4
Caledonians 1-4-1 3
St. George FC 1-4-1 3
Bronx United 0-4-1 1
















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Jan. 12, 1914: Rochester’s MacNaughton Rangers forfeit replay with Niagara Falls Rangers
Jan. 24, 1914: Differing opinions as New Bedford FC eliminates West Philadelphia FC to reach quarterfinals
Jan. 25, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club, Columbia Oval join the quarterfinals
Mar. 8, 1914: Pullman FC beats Hyde Park Blues in Chicago derby to complete quarterfinal field
Mar. 28, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club defeat ‘cup holders’ Yonkers FC to reach Challenge Cup Semifinals
Mar. 29, 1914: Brooklyn Celtic defense carries them past Columbia Oval, into Semifinals
Apr. 5, 1914: Niagara Falls Rangers topple Pullman FC to complete Semifinal field
Apr. 18, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club edge New Bedford FC to reach inaugural National Challenge Cup Final
Apr. 26, 1914: Brooklyn Celtic cruises past Niagara Falls Rangers to reach inaugural National Challenge Cup Final
Before the 1913/1914 Final: By boat or by train, Brooklyn Field Club, Brooklyn Celtic prepare for inaugural National Challenge Cup Final
May 16, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club wins inaugural National Challenge Cup on late winner over Brooklyn Celtic

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