2017 US Open Cup qualifying tournament set to begin Sept. 10 with 64 Open Division amateur teams

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2016-usoc-logo-724-wideBefore the 2016 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup will crown a champion, the qualifying process for the 2017 tournament, the 104th edition of the competition, will already be underway.

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) announced the first and second round matchups for the 2017 US Open Cup Open Division qualifying tournament which is made up of 64 amateur teams representing 18 states and 23 different leagues from across the country. The Open Division features all amateur teams that are not from the Premier Development League (PDL) or the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). The PDL and the NPSL utilize their respective 2016 league results to determine its entries (Expected 2017 PDL entries here, 2017 NPSL entries here).

The opening round of the open division tournament is scheduled for the weekend of Sept. 10-11 and Sept. 17-18 with 56 of the 64 teams participating. The remaining eight teams will receive byes into Round 2, which is scheduled for Oct. 15-16 and Oct. 22-23. The matchups are determined based on geographic location in an effort to minimize travel costs. If there were three or more teams in the same area, the matchups were made via blind draw. The home teams were also determined by a blind draw.

The matchups for the third round of the tournament (Nov. 19-20) will be determined after the second round is completed.

The tournament features 55 teams from leagues based in the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA), with seven from the United States Sports Specialty Association (USSSA) and two from US Club Soccer. A total of 28 teams are first-time entries into qualifying.

To fans of the US Open Cup, there will be some familiar teams in the tournament with 12 teams that qualified for the 2016 US Open Cup returning for a shot at qualifying for 2017.

La Maquina, who advanced to the Fourth Round before falling to the Los Angeles Galaxy in extra time, will be back. Other returning teams include Outbreak FC (Long Beach, CA), LA Wolves FC (Torrance, CA), Harpo’s FC (Boulder, CO), Boca Raton FC (Pembroke Pines, FL), Motagua New Orleans (New Orleans, LA), Southie FC (Roxbury Crossing, MA), Lansdowne Bhoys FC (Yonkers, NY), New York Pancyprian Freedoms (Jamaica, NY), West Chester United (West Chester, PA), North Texas Rayados (Dallas, TX), and Aromas Cafe FC (Charlottesville, VA)

Three former champions will also be among the 64 entries. The New York Greek Americans SC (1967-69, 1974), the New York Pancyprian Freedoms (1980, 1982-83) and El Farolito (then known as CD Mexico in 1993).

This is the second year that the federation has managed the open division qualifying tournament. Prior to 2015, the open division teams were determined by state and regional tournaments. Last year, there were problems involving roster rules and travel limitations for some clubs that led to multiple forfeits.

2017 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Open Division Local Qualifying Schedule

First Qualifying Round

Date Game Time/Result Venue
Sept. 10 Brick Lions FC (N.J.) at Vereinigung Erzgebirge (Pa.) 2:30 p.m. ET Vereinigung Erzgebirge; Warminster, Pa.
Sept. 10 Dulles Sportsplex Aegean Hawks FC (Md.) at Christos FC (Md.) 7 p.m. ET Troy Park; Elkridge, Md.
Sept. 10 Rising Stars FC (Pa.) at Junior Lone Star FC (Pa.) 7 p.m. ET Monsingnor Bonner High School; Drexel Hill, Pa.
Sept. 10 Salone FC (Pa.) at West Chester United SC (Pa.) 7:30 p.m. ET West Chester United SC Turf Field; West Chester, Pa.
Sept. 10 New York Pancyprian Freedoms (N.Y.) at Lansdowne Bhoys (N.Y.) 8 p.m. ET Tibbetts Brooke Park; Yonkers, N.Y.
Sept. 11 Newtown Pride FC (Conn.) at Newport FC (R.I.) 9:30 a.m. ET Gardiner Seveney Field; Portsmouth, R.I.
Sept. 11 GPS Omens (Mass.) at Southie FC (Mass.) 12 p.m. ET Madison Park; Roxbury Crossing, Mass.
Sept. 11 New York Greek American SC (N.Y.) at FC Motown (N.J.) 7 p.m. ET Athenia Steel Park; Clifton, N.J.
Sept. 17 Davis Legacy (Calif.) at El Farolito (Calif.) 11 a.m. PT Boxer Stadium; San Francisco, Calif.
Sept. 17 Ann Arbor FC (Mich.) at Oakland County FC (Mich.) 6 p.m. ET Stoney Creek High School; Rochester Hills, Mich.
Sept. 17 Moreno Valley Fútbol Club (Calif.) at HD Rush FC (Calif.) 3 p.m. PT University Preparatory School; Victorville, Calif.
Sept. 17 Colorado Rovers (Colo.) at Harpo’s FC (Colo.) 5 p.m. MT Dicks Sporting Goods Park; Commerce City, Colo.
Sept. 17 Celtic Cowboys Premier (Texas) at NTX Rayados (Texas) 7:30 p.m. CT Richland College; Dallas, Texas
Sept. 17 Azteca FC (Colo.) at FC Denver (Colo.) 6:30 p.m. MT Aurora Sports Park; Aurora, Colo.
Sept. 17 Del Rey City Soccer Club (Calif.) at FC Hasental (Calif.) 7 p.m. PT Chaminade College Preparatory; Canoga Park, Calif.
Sept. 17 Orange County FC (Calif.) at La Máquina FC (Calif.) 7 p.m. PT Westminster High School; Westminster, Calif.
Sept. 17 Avalanche USA FC (Calif.) at Inland Empire FC (Calif.) 7:30 p.m. PT Rancho Jurupa Regional Sports Park; Jurupa Valley, Calif.
Sept. 17 OC Crew Soccer Club (Calif.) at Ozzy’s Laguna FC (Calif.) 8 p.m. PT Santa Ana Stadium; Santa Ana, Calif.
Sept. 18 Outbreak FC (Calif.) at Buena Park FC (Calif.) 11 a.m. PT John F. Kennedy High School; La Palma, Calif.
Sept. 18 Hurricane FC (Fla.) at Miami Dade FC (Fla.) 3 p.m. ET Tropical Park Stadium; Miami, Fla.
Sept. 18 Red Force FC (Fla.) at Miami Nacional Soccer Club (Fla.) 4 p.m. ET Lauderhill Sports Complex; Lauderhill, Fla.
Sept. 18 FC Boulder (Colo.) at Colorado Rush (Colo.) 3 p.m. MT Addenbrooke Soccer Complex; Lakewood, Colo.
Sept. 18 L.A. Wolves FC (Calif.) at Real Sociedad Royals (Calif.) 4:30 p.m. PT St. John Bosco Football Stadium; Bellflower, Calif.
Sept. 18 Valley United SC (Calif.) at SFV Scorpions SC (Calif.) 5 p.m. PT Alemony High School; Mission Hills, Calif.
Sept. 18 AC Brea Steaua (Calif.) at Strikers FC South Coast (Calif.) 6:30 p.m. PT Lake Forest Sports Park; Lake Forest, Calif.
Sept. 18 Chula Vista FC (Calif.) at Frontera United (Ariz.) 7 p.m. MST Desert Sun Stadium; Yuma, Ariz.
Sept. 18 Las Vegas High Rollers SC (Nev.) at Anahuac FC (Nev.) 7 p.m. PT Sports Park; Las Vegas, Nev.
Sept. 18 La Habra City FC (Calif.) at Santa Ana Winds FC (Calif.) 7:30 p.m. PT Lake Forest Sports Park; Lake Forest, Calif.


Teams with byes in First Qualifying Round (8): Aromas Café FC (Va.); Boca Raton Football Club (Fla.); IPS/Marathon Taverna (Ore.); Minneapolis City SC (Minn.); MF 10 (Nev.); Motagua New Orleans (La.); Tartan Devils Oak Avalon (Pa.); Uruguay Kendall FC (Fla.)


Second Qualifying Round                                                                                                                                                                  

Date Game Time Venue
Oct. 15-16 New York Pancyprian Freedoms (N.Y.)/Lansdowne Bhoys (N.Y.) winner at New York Greek American SC (N.Y.)/FC Motown (N.J.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 15-16 Salone FC (Pa.)/West Chester United SC (Pa.) winner at Dulles Sportsplex Aegean Hawks FC (Md.)/Christos FC (Md.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 15-16 Rising Stars FC (Pa.)/Junior Lone Star FC (Pa.) winner at Brick Lions FC (N.J.)/Vereinigung Erzgebirge (Pa.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 15-16 GPS Omens (Mass.)/Southie FC (Mass.) winner at Newtown Pride FC (Conn.)/Newport FC (R.I.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 16 Aromas Café FC (Va.) at Tartan Devils Oak Avalon (Pa.) 3 p.m. ET Highmark Stadium; Pittsburgh, Pa.
Oct. 22 Ann Arbor FC (Mich.)/Oakland County FC (Mich.) winner at Minneapolis City SC (Minn.) 2:30 p.m. CT National Sports Center – Field U2; Blaine, Minn.
Oct. 22 FC Boulder (Colo.)/Colorado Rush (Colo.) winner at IPS/Marathon Taverna (Ore.) 7 p.m. PT Delta Park; Portland, Ore.
Oct. 22-23 Motagua New Orleans (La.) at Celtic Cowboys Premier (Texas)/NTX Rayados (Texas) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 22-23 Azteca FC (Colo.)/FC Denver (Colo.) winner at Colorado Rovers (Colo.)/Harpo’s FC (Colo.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 22-23 Boca Raton Football Club (Fla.) at Hurricane FC (Fla.)/Miami Dade FC (Fla.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 22-23 MF 10 (Nev.) at Las Vegas High Rollers SC (Nev.)/Anahuac FC (Nev.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 22-23 La Habra City FC (Calif.)/Santa Ana Winds FC (Calif.) winner at Orange County FC (Calif.)/La Máquina FC (Calif.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 22-23 Outbreak FC (Calif.)/Buena Park FC (Calif.) winner at Valley United SC (Calif.)/SFV Scorpions SC (Calif.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 22-23 OC Crew Soccer Club (Calif.)/Ozzy’s Laguna FC (Calif.) winner at Moreno Valley Fútbol Club (Calif.)/HD Rush FC (Calif.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 22-23 L.A. Wolves FC (Calif.)/Real Sociedad Royals (Calif.) winner at Avalanche USA FC (Calif.)/Inland Empire FC (Calif.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 22-23 Chula Vista FC (Calif.)/Frontera United (Ariz.) winner at Del Rey City Soccer Club (Calif.)/FC Hasental (Calif.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 22-23 Davis Legacy (Calif.)/El Farolito (Calif.) winner at AC Brea Steaua (Calif.)/Strikers FC South Coast (Calif.) winner TBD TBD
Oct. 23 Red Force FC (Fla.)/Miami Nacional Soccer Club (Fla.) winner at Uruguay Kendall FC (Fla.) 7 p.m. ET Tropical Park Stadium; Miami, Fla.

Third Qualifying Round: Nov. 19-20

Fourth Qualifying Round (if needed): March 11-12, 2017

Fifth Qualifying Round (if needed): April 8-9, 2017

First Round: May 10, 2017 (date tentative)


2017 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup
Open Division Teams Entering via the Local Qualifying Track
Listed by State (Region) and League (Sanctioning Body) Affiliation

United Premier Soccer League (Calif. State Soccer Assn.-South/USASA)
Frontera United                                            Yuma, Ariz.

California (North)
NorCal Adult Premier League (US Club Soccer)

Davis Legacy                                                  Davis, Calif.

San Francisco Soccer Football League (Calif. Soccer Assn.-North/USASA)

El Farolito                                                        San Francisco, Calif.

California (South)
So Cal Premier League (Calif. State Soccer Assn.-South/USASA)
AC Brea Steaua                                              Brea, Calif.
Buena Park FC                                               La Palma, Calif.
Chula Vista FC                                               Chula Vista, Calif.
Orange County FC                                          Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
Outbreak FC*                                                  Long Beach, Calif.
Real Sociedad Royals                                     Bellflower, Calif.

United Premier Soccer League (Calif. State Soccer Assn.-South/USASA)
Avalanche USA FC                                       Glendora, Calif.
Del Rey City SC                                            Culver City, Calif.
FC Hasental                                                  Canoga Park, Calif.
HD Rush FC                                                  Victorville, Calif.
Inland Empire FC                                          Jurupa Valley, Calif.
La Habra City FC                                          Lake Forest, Calif.
La Máquina*                                                  Lake Forest, Calif.
L.A. Wolves FC*                                            Torrance, Calif.
Moreno Valley Fútbol Club                            Moreno Valley, Calif.
OC Crew Soccer Club                                   Lake Forest, Calif.
Ozzy’s Laguna FC                                         Santa Ana, Calif.
Santa Ana Winds FC                                     Lake Forest, Calif.
SFV Scorpions SC                                         Mission Hills, Calif.
Strikers FC South Coast                                 Lake Forest, Calif.
Valley United SC                                            North Hills, Calif.

Colorado Amateur Soccer League (U.S. Specialty Sports Assn.)
Azteca FC                                                       Aurora, Colo.
Colorado Rovers                                             Commerce City, Colo.
Colorado Rush                                                Lakewood, Colo.
FC Boulder                                                      Boulder, Colo.
FC Denver                                                       Aurora, Colo.
Harpo’s FC*                                                    Commerce City, Colo.

Connecticut Soccer League (Conn. State Soccer Assn./USASA)

Newtown Pride FC                                         Meriden, Conn.

American Premier Soccer League (Florida State Soccer Assn./USASA)

Boca Raton Football Club*                               Pembroke Pines, Fla.
Hurricane FC                                                    Cocnut Creek, Fla.
Miami Dade FC                                                Miami, Fla.
Miami Nacional Soccer Club                            Lauderhill, Fla.
Red Force FC                                                   Miami, Fla.
Uruguay Kendall FC                                         Miami, Fla.

Gulf Coast Premier League (Louisiana Soccer Assn./USASA)

Motagua New Orleans*                                  New Orleans, La.

Maryland Major Soccer League (Md. State Soccer Assn./USASA)

Christos FC                                                    Elkridge, Md.

Washington Premier League (Md. State Soccer Assn./USASA)
Dulles Sportsplex Aegean Hawks FC            Boyds, Md.

Bay State Soccer League (Mass. Adult State Soccer Assn./USASA)

Global Premier Soccer (GPS) Omens             Wayland, Mass.
Southie FC*                                                     Roxbury Crossing, Mass.

Ann Arbor Premier Development League (Michigan Soccer Association/USASA)

Ann Arbor FC                                                 Saline, Mich.

Premier League of America (USASA)
Oakland County FC                                        Rochester Hills, Mich.

Premier League of America (USASA)

Minneapolis City SC                                         Blaine, Minn.

United Premier Soccer League (Calif. State Soccer Assn.-South/USASA)

Anahuac FC                                                  Las Vegas, Nev.
Las Vegas Highrollers SC                             Las Vegas, Nev.
MF 10                                                            Las Vegas, Nev.

New Jersey
Garden State Soccer League (New Jersey Soccer Assn./USASA)

Brick Lions FC                                                Brick, N.J.
FC Motown                                                     Clifton, N.J.

New York
Cosmopolitan Soccer League (Eastern New Youth State Soccer Assn./USASA)

Lansdowne Bhoys FC*                                  Yonkers, N.Y.
New York Greek American SC^                    Maspeth, N.Y.
New York Pancyprian Freedoms*#               Jamaica, N.Y.

Oregon Premier Soccer League (Oregon Adult Soccer Assn./USASA)

International Portland Select (IPS)/Marathon Taverna     Portland, Ore.

Greater Pittsburgh Soccer League (Pa. West Soccer Assn./USASA)

Tartan Devils Oak Avalon                              Pittsburgh, Pa.

Philadelphia Premier Soccer League (Eastern Pa. Soccer Assn./USASA)
Junior Lone Star FC                                      Drexel Hill, Pa.
Rising Stars FC                                             Drexel Hill, Pa.
Salone FC                                                     Drexel Hill, Pa.

United Soccer League of Pennsylvania (Eastern Pa. Soccer Assn./USASA)
Vereinigung Erzgebirge                                  Warminster, Pa.
West Chester United*                                     West Chester, Pa.

Rhode Island
USA Soccer League (US Club Soccer)

Newport FC                                                    Portsmouth, R.I.

Austin Men’s Soccer Association (U.S. Specialty Sports Assn.)

Celtic Cowboys Premier                                 Austin, Texas

North Texas Premier Soccer Association (North Texas Soccer Assn./USASA)
NTX Rayados*                                                Dallas, Texas

Soccer Organization of the Charlottesville Area (Metro D.C.-Va. Soccer Assn./USASA)

Aromas Café FC*                                            Charlottesville, Va.

* Advanced to 2016 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup
^ Four-time U.S. Open Cup Champion (1967-69, 1974)
# Three-time U.S. Open Cup Champion (1980, 1982-83)

Facts and Figures of Open Division Teams Entering via the Local Qualifying Track:

  • 23 different leagues represented (including 3 new leagues added this year)
  • 18 different states represented (including 4 new states added this year)
  • 23 teams entering from California alone (21 from Southern Calif., 2 from Northern Calif.)
  • 6 teams each from Colorado, Florida and Pennsylvania
  • 3 teams from Nevada and New York
  • 2 teams each from Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Texas
  • 1 team each from Arizona, Connecticut, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island and Virginia
  • 12 teams entering 2017 Open Division local qualifying reached the 2016 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup first round; 7 of these reached the second round; 3 of these reached the third round
  • La Máquina (Lake Forest, Calif.) advanced to the fourth round of the 2016 Open Cup and battled MLS powerhouse LA Galaxy in a game that went to overtime before losing controversially
  • The 64 teams entering local qualifying breaks the record of 56 set last year
  • 36 teams are veterans of Open Division local qualifying, having participated in the inaugural competition last year
  • 28 teams are entering Open Division local qualifying for the first time
  • 55 teams are from U.S. Adult Soccer Association-affiliated leagues
  • 7 teams are from U.S. Specialty Sports Association-affiliated leagues
  • 2 teams are from US Club Soccer-affiliated leagues
  • New York Greek American SC is a four-time U.S. Open Cup Champion (1967-69, 1974)
  • New York Pancyprian Freedoms are a three-time U.S. Open Cup Champion (1980, 1982-83)

2017 U.S. Open Cup Competition Calendar for Open Division Local Qualifying Entries

Key Dates in 2016:
Monday, Aug. 22 (4 p.m. CT) – Fall roster submission deadline for teams participating through the Open Division local qualifying track (22 player limit, no additions allowed after the deadline)
Friday, Sept. 2 (4 p.m. CT) – Roster approval/clearance deadline for first qualifying round (players must be approved by their team’s league and cleared by U.S. Soccer to play)
Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 10-11 – First qualifying round for teams in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states (from Maine to Virginia and West Virginia)
Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 17-18 – First qualifying round for teams in all other states
Friday, Oct. 7 (4 p.m. CT) – Roster approval/clearance deadline for second and third qualifying rounds
Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 15-16 – Second qualifying round for teams in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states
Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 22-23 – Second qualifying round for teams in all other states
Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 19-20 – Third qualifying round for all teams

Key Dates in 2017:
January date TBD – Final allocation determined for Open Division slots into 2017 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup
Wednesday, Jan. 4 (2 p.m. CT) – Home Game Application deadline for fourth and fifth qualifying rounds (if needed)
January date TBD – Matchups for fourth qualifying round (if needed) and bracket for fifth qualifying round (if needed) announced
Monday, Feb. 27 (4 p.m. CT) – Spring roster submission deadline for teams still alive through the Open Division local qualifying track (teams may add up to five new players to their Fall roster who are not already cup-tied; 22 player limit remains)
Friday, March 3 (4 p.m. CT) – Spring roster approval/clearance deadline for Open Division local qualifiers (rosters for these teams will be frozen through June 30 to include the opening rounds of the 2017 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup)
Saturday-Sunday, March 11-12 – Fourth qualifying round (if needed)
Wednesday, March 22 – Venue Declaration Form deadline for teams wishing to host games in the 2017 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup
Friday, March 31 (2 p.m. CT) – Home Game Application deadline for First, Second and Third Rounds of the 2017 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup
Saturday-Sunday, April 8-9 (if needed) – Fifth qualifying round (if needed)
Wednesday, April 12 – 2017 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup First Round pairings and Second Round possible matchups announced
Wednesday, May 10 – 2017 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup First Round (date tentative); Dates for remaining rounds of the competition will be determined by January 2017
Saturday, July 1-Friday, July 14  (4 p.m. CT) – Summer roster changeover period for Open Division local qualifiers still in the competition (teams may add up to five new players to their Spring roster who are not already cup-tied; 22 player limit remains)

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