2012 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup results

Posted by | June 27, 2012

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May 15 Croatian Eagles (USASA) 0:1 Chicago Fire PDL (PDL)
May 15 NY Greek American Atlas (USASA) 1:2 Reading United (PDL)
May 15 Jacksonville United (NPSL) 2:1 Orlando City U23s (PDL)
May 15 Long Island Rough Riders (PDL) 2:0 FC Sonic Lehigh Valley (NPSL)
May 15 Carolina Dynamo (PDL) 1:3 Aegean Hawks (USASA)
May 15 Jersey Shore Boca (USASA) 0:6 Michigan Bucks (PDL)
May 15 Mississippi Brilla (PDL) 0:1 AET Georgia Revolution (NPSL)
May 15 Brooklyn Italians (NPSL) 3:2 GPS Portland Phoenix (PDL)
May 15 Des Moines Menace (PDL) 3:1 AET Milwaukee Bavarians (NPSL)
May 15 KC Athletics (USASA) 3:1 Real Colorado Foxes (PDL)
May 15 ASC New Stars (USASA) 2:4 AET Laredo Heat (PDL)
May 15 NTX Rayados (USASA) 1:3 El Paso Patriots (PDL)
May 15 Fresno Fuego (PDL) 2:0 SU Turlock Express (USCS)
May 15 Ventura County Fusion (PDL) 6:2 AET Fullerton Rangers (NPSL)
May 15 PSA Elite (USASA) 3:1 Portland Timbers U23s (PDL)
May 15 Cal FC (USASA) 3:1 Kitsap Pumas (PDL)
May 22 Tampa Bay Rowdies (NASL) 3:0 Jacksonville United (NPSL)
May 22 Dayton Dutch Lions (USL Pro) 2:1 Chicago Fire PDL (PDL)
May 22 Long Island Rough Riders (PDL) 0:2 Harrisburg City Islanders (USL Pro)
May 22 Michigan Bucks (PDL) 1:0 Pittsburgh Riverhounds (USL Pro)
May 22 Cal FC (USASA) 4:0 Wilmington Hammerheads (USL Pro)
May 22 PSA Elite (USASA) 0:6 Carolina RailHawks (NASL)
May 22 Fresno Fuego (PDL) 2:7 Fort Lauderdale Strikers (NASL)
May 22 KC Athletics (USASA) 0:7 Orlando City SC (USL Pro)
May 22 Reading United (PDL) 1:2 Charleston Battery (USL Pro)
May 22 Richmond Kickers (USL Pro) 4:0 Aegean Hawks (USASA)
May 22 Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL) 1:0 Georgia Revolution (NPSL)
May 22 Brooklyn Italians (NPSL) 0:3 Rochester Rhinos (USL Pro)
May 22 Ventura County Fusion (PDL) 3:1 AET Los Angeles Blues (USL Pro)
May 22 Minnesota Stars (NASL) 2:0 Des Moines Menace (PDL)
May 22 Laredo Heat (PDL) 0:2 San Antonio Scorpions (NASL)
May 22 Charlotte Eagles (USL Pro) 1:0 El Paso Patriots (PDL)
May 29 New England Revolution (MLS) 3:3 (3:4 PK) Harrisburg City Islanders (USL Pro)
May 29 DC United (MLS) 2:1 (AET) Richmond Kickers (USL Pro)
May 29 Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS) 1:2 Carolina RailHawks (NASL)
May 29 Colorado Rapids (MLS) 3:1 Tampa Bay Rowdies (NASL)
May 29 New York Red Bulls (MLS) 3:0 Charleston Battery (USL Pro)
May 29 Rochester Rhinos (USL Pro) 0:3 Philadelphia Union (MLS)
May 29 Chicago Fire (MLS) 2:3 (AET) Michigan Bucks (PDL)
May 29 Dayton Dutch Lions (USL Pro) 2:1 Columbus Crew (MLS)
May 29 Orlando City SC (USL Pro) 2:3 Sporting Kansas City (MLS)
May 29 Charlotte Eagles (USL Pro) 2:0 FC Dallas (MLS)
May 29 Houston Dynamo (MLS) 0:1 San Antonio Scorpions (NASL)
May 29 Minnesota Stars FC (NASL) 3:1 Real Salt Lake (MLS)
May 29 Chivas USA (MLS) 1:0 Ventura County Fusion (PDL)
May 29 Fort Lauderdale Strikers (NASL) 1:2 San Jose Earthquakes (MLS)
May 30 Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL) 1:5 Seattle Sounders (MLS)
May 30 Cal FC (USASA) 1:0 (AET) Portland Timbers (MLS)
June 5 New York Red Bulls (MLS) 1:3 (AET) Harrisburg City Islanders (USL Pro)
June 5 Chivas USA (MLS) 2:1 Carolina RailHawks (NASL)
June 5 Philadelphia Union (MLS) 2:1 (AET) DC United (MLS)
June 5 Dayton Dutch Lions (USL Pro) 2:1 (AET) Michigan Bucks (PDL)
June 5 Colorado Rapids (MLS) 0:2 Sporting Kansas City (MLS)
June 5 Charlotte Eagles (USL Pro) 2:1 (AET) San Antonio Scorpions (NASL)
June 5 Cal FC (USASA) 0:5 Seattle Sounders (MLS)
June 5 Minnesota Stars FC (NASL) 0:1 San Jose Earthquakes (MLS)
June 26 H’burg City Islanders (USL Pro) 2:5 Philadelphia Union (MLS)
June 26 Dayton Dutch Lions (USL Pro) 0:3 Sporting Kansas City (MLS)
June 26 Charlotte Eagles (USL Pro) 1:2 Chivas USA (MLS)
June 26 Seattle Sounders (MLS) 1:0 San Jose Earthquakes (MLS)
July 11 Chivas USA (MLS) 1:4 Seattle Sounders (MLS)
July 11 Sporting Kansas City (MLS) 2:0 Philadelphia Union (MLS)
August 8 Seattle Sounders (MLS) 1:1 (2:3 PK) Sporting Kansas City (MLS)


  • Carlo Salgado-Russo says:

    Allowing teams to buy home games is detrimental to the integrity of your tournament. The excitement of an open cup is the possibility of lower level teams winning, first division teams buying home field advantage looks extremely shady.

  • Bob L says:

    Allowing teams to buy a home field often has advantages for the lower leagues. If there can be a big gate, often the lower league team gets more revenue between the buyout, portion of gate etc then they could have made otherwise. For a cash starved league this could be a good thing. Also, many of their players relish the change to play on a big time pitch. It happens in the FA Cup as well.

  • Randy says:

    I disagree with Carlo. The new system means that teams motivated to host US Open Cup matches work out deals with the lower division teams. Money moving to lower teams instead of US Soccer is a good thing. Lower teams in good situations will be able to turn down offers for the hosting rights. Teams in greater need of money will only take a deal worth more than hosting a MLS team. Atlanta has a very limited roster, but because of the deal with Seattle, they will now be able to sign some more players and put themselves in a better situation. If the loophole is closed, Atlanta still has to deal with a 23 man roster.

  • SWalkerTTU says:

    Apparently Carlo’s argument is not holding this year. Out of 14 3rd-round games (at this time), MLS is even versus the lower divisions, with 7 wins to each side, and three MLS sides going down at home (including my beloved Hoops, who managed to find yet another way to bottle it, again).

  • Rich R says:

    So seven MLS teams crashed out. One of two things is going on: (a) Our lower divisions are competitive, or (b) Our top division is not taking things seriously. Either way, why continue to protect them by waiting to the third round to bring them in? This year especially, the MLS team have failed to earn that privilege.

  • Mike says:

    When do they announce the possible quarterfinal matchups? This week? Or would they wait until after the June 5 matches since they have 3 weeks until the next round? If they waited, then they could get more accurate regional partners if there were upsets in Round 4 rather than pairing MLS regional matchups for the quarterfinals.

  • Carlo Salgado-Russo says:

    It is not like I said that the games were fixed, I said I thought it looked bad. Also think of the memories the fans of Michigan, Harrisburg, Carolina & San Antonia have gained by seeing their lower level team dispatch of MLS squads, that makes for a much more memorable experience than watching a crappy video stream on your iPad. I believe seeing those home wins will encourage the fans to come back and see more games, building a loyal local fan base is more important than a quick influx of cash, not that lower level teams can not put that cash to good use, I just think in the long run having the chance to see MLS teams in non-MLS markets promotes both the local club and the MLS. Also it is not my argument that is not holding, but soccer karma that is, with 2 of the 3 teams that tried to buy a win failing 🙂

  • Peter Nowak says:

    There is no truth that I have been suspended from the next game to give the Union a chance. We will start the following lineup:

    FW: Lionard Pajoy

    MF: Carlos Valdes, Greg Jordan, Antoine Hoppenot, Christian Hernandez, Krystian Witkowski

    DF: Michael Lahoud, Allocation Money, Allocation Money, Chris Albright

    GK: Chris Konopka

  • Ryan Heiser says:

    I am still wishing for how all countries do relegations and promotions, we have enough divisions to do so, even if it has to be one team going up or down per season… they keep adding new teams to mls, but let the teams that’s been playing for a while work their way.

  • Jazman says:

    @ Ryan. Totally agree – introduce the concept to america and maybe it would catch on in some other sports as well – bringing something fresh to an otherwise pretty dull scene imo

  • Richard Olsen says:

    I think that the MLS & NASL teams should have to start out in the first round to make it a real tournament.

    • Josh Hakala says:

      Having the top division teams start later in the tournament is what just about every cup competition does around the world. While an amateur team eliminating an MLS team DOES happening occasionally … most of them are really one-sided games. I think a lower division team should have to earn their way to a date with an MLS team.

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