The First Cup: Brooklyn Field Club begins their journey as Round 1 concludes (Nov. 2, 1913)

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Brooklyn Field Club introduces “The First Cup” series, which revisits the first running of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup (then known as the National Challenge Cup) that took place from the fall of 1913 to the spring of 1914. Click here for the full series.

Note: As you read this, you’ll notice a lot of players with just one name. This is not an oversight on our part, but rather, many of the sources of this information (newspapers, publications etc.) only use the last name of players in their stories.

November 2, 1913

The opening round of the inaugural National Challenge Cup came to a close on Sunday, Nov. 2 with five games that took place in New York and New Jersey.

The 1913/14 tournament was very special for Brooklyn Field Club and they began their journey through the competition with a 3-0 win over Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT) Strollers. Other Round 1 winners included Niagara Falls Rangers, German FC, Alley Boys FC, and the New Jersey club Babcock & Wilcox.

Entering the tournament with a six-game winning streak, the Brooklyn Field Club rolled over the IRT Strollers 3-0 at Hedley Field in Brooklyn in Round 1. At no time was the result in doubt, as Harry Shanholdt scored twice for the winners, and Coward added another. After the game, it was announced that Brooklyn’s win streak was officially entact as their victory last week over Clan McDonald was upheld, after a protest was filed by the losing club.

Meanwhile, over in Harrison, NJ, Alley Boys FC overwhelmed the Jersey Blues, 8-5. The game was out of reach by the halftime break as the Alley Boys held a comfortable 7-0 lead after 45 minutes. The Blues didn’t give up, as they fought back to score five goals in the second half, but ultimately fell short.

Four goals by A. Vander Weghe led the way for German FC in a dominant 5-0 win over Cameron FC. The game was played at the Columbus Oval in Manhattan. Play was give-and-take in the early stages of the game until the 22nd minute, when Mannborg broke through the Cameron backfield and passed to A. Vander Weghe for the first goal. Vander Weghe struck again eight minutes later for a 2-0 halftime lead.

Soon after the second half began it was clear that German FC were the superior team, repeatedly breaking through the Cameron backfield. Vander Weghe scored twice more with the help of Mannborg, who himself scored to bring the final score to 5-0 in favor of the Germans. Despite the five goals, Cameron goalkeeper Hallwell played a fine game, preventing things from really getting out of hand.

Babcock & Wilcox

After the game, the winners were taken to reception at the Café Bismarck, where each team member was awarded a silver medal by W.S. Esling, one of the officers of the German Football Club.

Babcock & Wilcox, representing the New Jersey State Amateur Soccer League, defeated the Cowboy FC 2-0 in Bayonne, NJ. B & W could not capitalize on numerous chances early on, leaving the first half scoreless between the two clubs.

In the second half the Boilermakers found their stride and put two past the Cowboy defense. The first was a brilliant shot from Stewart from the outside right, followed by Wright for the second goal.

The other four games that took place on Nov. 2 were in and around New York City area. The fifth game took place in Buffalo, NY where the Niagara Falls Rangers demolished the Corinthians of Buffalo 6-1 to advance to Round 2. Despite fielding four players from the Buffalo’s Rangers club, the Corinthians did not stand a chance against the stronger Niagara Falls side.

Niagara Falls Rangers

Rangers struck first after just three minutes as Kemp gave up a chance to score by passing to a wide open Wallace, who had a straight shot into the back of the net. At the 30-minute mark Rangers lead was doubled when Cornithians’ Cessford scored an own goal when trying to clear the ball with a header.

The Cornthians showed a bit of life after the accidental score seven minutes later. After forcing Milnes to save a couple shots on goal, Denson scored off a corner kick from Proctor. Just before the break Murphy pushed the lead back to two goals for Rangers when he scored on an assist from Kemp.

Soon after the restart Wallace played provider, assisting on Harper’s goal in the 47th minute. On the fifth Rangers goal, the Corinthian back line attempted an offside trap with Wallace, but it was unsuccessful as Harper’s shot was fumbled by Kohlert, and Wallace pounced on the ball for his second goal of the day. Lumsden finished the scoring for Rangers by knocking home a corner kick from Wallace, who finished with two assists to go along with his two goals.

1913/14 National Challenge Cup – First Round
Games of Nov. 2, 1913

Brooklyn Field Club 3:0 IRT Strollers
Nov. 2, 1913 – Hedley Field – Brooklyn, NY

Scoring Summary
Brooklyn: Harry Shandholt (2), Coward

Haughie, Hinds, Bryson, Matthews, Adamson, H. Agar, N. Agar, Nichols, Shanholdt, Coward, Ford
IRT: Byrne, C. Coull, Dahill, Traynor, Crogan, W. Coull, J. Stuart, McGuire, Gormeny, W. Stuart, Reilly

Referee: W. Hollywood | Linesmen: W. Gallow, J. Mulligan

German FC 5:0 Cameron FC
Nov. 2, 1913 – Columbus Oval – Manhattan, NY

Scoring Summary
GFC: A. Vander Weghe (Mannborg) – 22nd minute
GFC: A. Vander Weghe – 30th minute
GFC: A. Vander Weghe – 2nd half
GFC: A. Vander Weghe – 2nd half
GFC: Mannborg – 2nd half

German FC: Heisler, Glaser, Richardson, Reichwagon, Hager, Meyer, M. Vander Weghe, A. Vander Weghe, Mannborg, Fitzpatrick, W. Mmeyer
Cameron FC: Hallwell, Shaw, J. Isaac, Stahl, Bruce, Glass, Sinclair, E. Pickford, W. Isaac, G. pickford, Goodman

Referee – Charles Creighton | Linesmen – J. Finsten, J. Snook

Babcock & Wilcox FC 2:0 Cowboy FC

Nov. 2, 1913 – Bayonne, NJ

Scoring Summary
BW: Stewart – 2nd half
BW: Wright – 2nd half

Babcock & Wilcox: Kesson, Geibel, Harding, Stenger, Davidson, Dick, Stewart, Leggett, Wright, Rogers, Sweeney
Cowboy FC: Reiman, Gedditte, Ortman, Alderton, Schmidt, Crossman, Lowe, Rosenbower, Koelsch, Dean, Meisch

Referee: Andrew Laurie

Corinthians (Buffalo) 1-6 Niagara Falls Rangers FC
Nov. 2, 1913 – Buffalo, NY

Scoring Summary
Rangers: Wallace (Kemp) – 3rd minute
Rangers: Own goal (Cessford) – 30th minute
Corinthians: Denson (Proctor) – 37th minute
Rangers: Murphy (Kemp) – 43rd minute
Rangers: Harper (Wallace) – 47th minute
Rangers:  Wallace (Unassisted) – 2nd half
Rangers: Lumsden (Wallace) – 2nd half

Corinthians: Kohlert, Krafft, Cessford, McLean, McLachlan, Denson, Proctor, McPherson, Lynch, Cullen, McCabe
Rangers: Milnes, Clarkson, Hoyle, Pearce, Lumsden, Parks, Harper, Murphy, Forrest, Kemp, Wallace

Referee: H. Keefe

A detailed look back at the 1913/1914 National Challenge Cup

Sept. 12, 1913 / Oct. 11, 1913: How the 1913/14 National Challenge Cup began
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Nov. 2, 1913: Brooklyn Field Club begins their journey as Round 1 concludes
Nov. 29 1913: Farr Alpaca forfeit Round 1 replay with New Bedford FC
Dec. 6, 1913: Four teams move on to Round 3, two more to be decided by protest or replay
Dec. 14, 1913: Second Round nearly complete as USFA announces protest results, draw for Round 3
Dec. 21, 1913: Third time’s the charm for St. George FC as Round 2 comes to a close
Jan. 12, 1914: Rochester’s MacNaughton Rangers forfeit replay with Niagara Falls Rangers
Jan. 24, 1914: Differing opinions as New Bedford FC eliminates West Philadelphia FC to reach quarterfinals
Jan. 25, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club, Columbia Oval join the quarterfinals
Mar. 8, 1914: Pullman FC beats Hyde Park Blues in Chicago derby to complete quarterfinal field
Mar. 28, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club defeat ‘cup holders’ Yonkers FC to reach Challenge Cup Semifinals
Mar. 29, 1914: Brooklyn Celtic defense carries them past Columbia Oval, into Semifinals
Apr. 5, 1914: Niagara Falls Rangers topple Pullman FC to complete Semifinal field
Apr. 18, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club edge New Bedford FC to reach inaugural National Challenge Cup Final
Apr. 26, 1914: Brooklyn Celtic cruises past Niagara Falls Rangers to reach inaugural National Challenge Cup Final
Before the 1913/1914 Final: By boat or by train, Brooklyn Field Club, Brooklyn Celtic prepare for inaugural National Challenge Cup Final
May 16, 1914: Brooklyn Field Club wins inaugural National Challenge Cup on late winner over Brooklyn Celtic


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