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U.S. Open Cup Finals, 1914-1932

1932 New Bedford Whalers 1L 3-3 Stix, Baer, and Fuller
(New Bedford, MA) 2L 5-2 (St. Louis, MO)
1931 Fall River Marksmen 1L 6-2 Bricklayers F.C.
(Fall River, MA) 2L 2-0 (Chicago, IL)
1930 Fall River Marksmen 1L 7-2 Bruell Insurance
(Fall River, MA) 2L 2-1 (Cleveland, OH)
1929 Hakoah All Stars 1L 2-0 Madison Kennels
(New York, NY) 2L 3-0 (St. Louis, MO)
1928 New York Nationals 2-2 (aet) Bricklayers F.C.
(New York, NY) R 3-0 (Chicago, IL)
1927 Fall River Marksmen 7-0 Holley Carburetor
(Fall River, MA) (Detroit, MI)
1926 Bethlehem Steel 7-2 Ben Miller A.C.
(Bethlehem, PA) (St. Louis, MO)
1925 Shawsheen Indians 3-0 Canadian Club
(Andover, MA) (Chicago, IL)
1924 Fall River Marksmen 4-2 Vesper Buick
(Fall River, MA) (St. Louis, MO)
1923 Paterson Silk Sox 2-2 Scullin Steel
(Paterson, NJ) (aet) (St. Louis, MO)
Scullin unable to play replay due to injuries and players fulfilling baseball contracts
1922 Scullin Steel 3-2 Todd Shipyards
(St. Louis, MO) (Brooklyn, NY)
1921 Robbins Dry Dock 4-2 Scullin Steel
(Brooklyn, NY) (St. Louis, MO)
1920 Ben Miller A.C. 2-1 Fore River F.C.
(St. Louis, MO) (Quincy, MA)
1919 Bethlehem Steel 2-0 Paterson F.C.
(Bethlehem, PA) (Paterson, NJ)
1918 Bethlehem Steel 2-2 Fall River Rovers
(Bethlehem, PA) R 3-0 (Fall River, MA)
1917 Fall River Rovers 1-0 Bethlehem Steel
(Fall River, MA) (Bethlehem, PA)
1916 Bethlehem Steel 1-0 Fall River Rovers
(Bethlehem, PA) (Fall River, MA)
1915 Bethlehem Steel 3-1 Brooklyn Celtic
(Bethlehem, PA) (Brooklyn, NY)
1914 Brooklyn Field Club 2-1 Brooklyn Celtic
(Brooklyn, NY) (Brooklyn, NY)
asdet – after sudden death extra time / PK – Penalty Kicks / R – Replay
1L – 1st Leg / 2L – 2nd Leg