2014 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Results

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May 7Lehigh Valley United (NPSL)1:0 (AET)GPS Portland Phoenix (PDL)
May 7RWB Adria (USASA)2:2 (3:1 PK)Detroit City FC (NPSL)
May 7GPS Massachusetts (USASA)1:4Western Mass Pioneers (PDL)
May 7Vermont Voltage (PDL)1:2NY Red Bulls U23s (NPSL)
May 7Red Force (USASA)2:1Colorado Rovers (USSSA)
May 7CD Aguiluchos USA (NPSL)1:2Ventura County Fusion (PDL)
May 7SC Corinthians USA (USCS)forfeit toSan Diego Flash (NPSL)
May 7Los Angeles Misioneros (PDL)1:1 (2:3 PK)PSA Elite (USASA)
May 13Arizona United SC (USL PRO)3:2Portland Timbers U23s (PDL)
May 14Jacksonville United FC (NPSL)1:2Orlando City U23s (PDL)
May 14Dayton Dutch Lions (USL PRO)2:0Schwaben AC (USASA)
May 14Icon FC (USASA)1:4Baltimore Bohemians (PDL)
May 14New York Red Bulls U23s (NPSL)1:3P’burgh Riverhounds (USL PRO)
May 14NY Greek American Atlas (USASA)2:0Ocean City Nor’easters (PDL)
May 14Greater Binghamton FC (NPSL)2:5Reading United A.C. (PDL)
May 14Richmond Kickers (USL PRO)6:1RVA FC (NPSL)
May 14H’burg City Islanders (USL PRO)4:0Lehigh Valley United (NPSL)
May 14Carolina Dynamo (PDL)1:3Charlotte Eagles (USL PRO)
May 14RWB Adria (USASA)1:0 (AET)Michigan Bucks (PDL)
May 14Ocala Stampede (PDL)1:4Orlando City (USL PRO)
May 14Panama City Beach Pirates (PDL)0:4Charleston Battery (USL PRO)
May 14Wilm. Hammerheads (USL PRO)1:3Chattanooga FC (NPSL)
May 14Western Mass Pioneers (PDL)1:2 (AET)Rochester Rhinos (USL PRO)
May 14Brooklyn Italians SC (NPSL)4:2Jersey Express (PDL)
May 14Oklahoma City Energy (USL PRO)2:0Tulsa Athletics (NPSL)
May 14Real Colorado Foxes (PDL)0:3Des Moines Menace (USASA)
May 14North Texas Rayados (USASA)4:4 (4:2 PK)Austin Aztex (PDL)
May 14Orange County Blues (USL PRO)0:2Fresno Fuego (PDL)
May 14Red Force (USASA)1:2Laredo Heat (PDL)
May 14PSA Elite (USASA)W:L (FOR)San Diego Flash (NPSL)
May 14Ventura County Fusion (PDL)1:2Sacramento Republic (USL PRO)
May 14Cal FC (USASA)1:6LA Galaxy II (USL PRO)
May 27Reading United (PDL)1:2 (AET)Rochester Rhinos (USL PRO)
May 28H’burg City Islanders (USL PRO)4:2Baltimore Bohemians (PDL)
May 28NY Greek American Atlas (USASA)1:2Richmond Kickers (USL PRO)
May 28RWB Adria (USASA)2:3 (AET)P’gh Riverhounds (USL PRO)
May 28Charlotte Eagles (USL PRO)0:2Carolina RailHawks (NASL)
May 28Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL)5:0Chattanooga FC (NPSL)
May 28Orlando City U23s (PDL)2:2 (12:11 PK)Charleston Battery (USL PRO)
May 28Tampa Bay Rowdies (NASL)1:4Orlando City SC (USL PRO)
May 28Brooklyn Italians (NPSL)0:2New York Cosmos (NASL)
May 28Dayton Dutch Lions (USL PRO)2:5Indy Eleven (NASL)
May 28Laredo Heat (PDL)3:2Ft Lauderdale Strikers (NASL)
May 28NTX Rayados (USASA)2:4San Antonio Scorpions (NASL)
May 28Minnesota United FC (NASL)1:0Des Moines Menace (USASA)
May 28OKC Energy FC (USL PRO)1:2 (AET)Arizona United SC (USL PRO)
May 28Fresno Fuego (PDL)0:6Sacramento Republic (USL PRO)
May 28PSA Elite (USASA)0:0 (3:1 PK)LA Galaxy II (USL PRO)
June 11Laredo Heat (PDL)0:1Houston Dynamo (MLS)
June 11Sacramento Republic (USL PRO)1:2San Jose Earthquakes (MLS)
June 14Real Salt Lake (MLS)1:2Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL)
June 14Chivas USA (MLS)1:1 (2:3 PK)Carolina RailHawks (NASL)
June 14New York Red Bulls (MLS)0:3New York Cosmos (NASL)
June 17DC United (MLS)0:1Rochester Rhinos (USL PRO)
June 17H’burg City Islanders (USL PRO)1:3 (AET)Philadelphia Union (MLS)
June 17Indy Eleven (NASL)1:2 (AET)Columbus Crew (MLS)
June 17San Antonio Scorpions (NASL)0:2FC Dallas (MLS)
June 17Orlando City SC (USL PRO)2:5Colorado Rapids (MLS)
June 17Orlando City U23s (PDL)0:3Portland Timbers (MLS)
June 18New England Revolution (MLS)3:2Richmond Kickers (USL PRO)
June 18P’burgh Riverhounds (USL PRO)1:2 (49′)*Chicago Fire (MLS)
June 18Minnesota United FC (NASL)0:2Sporting Kansas City (MLS)
June 18PSA Elite (USASA)0:5Seattle Sounders FC (MLS)
June 18Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS)2:1Arizona United SC (USL PRO)
*Officials ended match in 49th minute due to inclement weather, Chicago wins 
June 24New York Cosmos (NASL)1:2 (AET)Philadelphia Union (MLS)
June 24LA Galaxy (MLS)0:1 (AET)Carolina RailHawks (NASL)
June 24Portland Timbers (MLS)3:1Sporting KC (MLS)
June 24Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL)2:1Colorado Rapids (MLS)
June 24FC Dallas (MLS)3:2 (AET)Houston Dynamo (MLS)
June 24San Jose Earthquakes (MLS)1:1 (1:4 PK)Seattle Sounders FC (MLS)
June 25Rochester Rhinos (USL PRO)1:2New England Revolution (MLS)
June 25Columbus Crew (MLS)2:4 (AET)
Chicago Fire (MLS)
July 8New England Revolution (MLS)0:2Philadelphia Union (MLS)
July 9FC Dallas (MLS)5:2Carolina RailHawks (NASL)
July 9Chicago Fire (MLS)3:1Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL)
July 9Portland Timbers (MLS)1:3 (AET)Seattle Sounders FC(MLS)
August 12Philadelphia Union (MLS)1:1 (4:3 PK)FC Dallas (MLS)
August 13Chicago Fire (MLS)0:6Seattle Sounders FC (MLS)
September 16Seattle Sounders FC (MLS)3:1 (AET)Philadelphia Union (MLS)



  • MTL says:

    Loving the USASA’s 5-4 record in the 2nd round.

  • MTL says:

    PDL goes 5-11 and NPSL 2-7.

  • Jsoe Salazar says:

    Sacramento Republic FC is taking it all the way wwooohhooo…

  • John says:

    No sense to match NE with Richmond and DCU with Rochester. IF US Soccer wanted it geographically close it should be Richmond v. DCU and Rochester v. NE

  • Brandon says:

    I could be wrong, but I think NE and Rochester are affiliated with each other and so are Richmond and DCU. I thought the same thing John, but this is the only reason I can think of.

  • Daniel Feuerstein says:

    Philadelphia & Harrisburg are affiliated and they are playing each other this year in the 4th Round. That’s not suppose to happen.

  • From what I gather, the federation are more concerned with teams playing against lower division teams that they have an ownership stake in (e.g. LA Galaxy & LA Galaxy II). I’ll try to clear this up and write something up because you’re not the only one who’s confused by this.