Open Cup on Twitter, Facebook & Flickr!

Posted by | May 17, 2013, the only website providing comprehensive coverage to the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, is now on Twitter! Now you can keep track of everything that’s going on with the tournament by following us @usopencup. You’ll find updates on qualifying, tournament games, Open Cup stories from around the web and fun historical information about the Cup’s great history.

This site was created in 2003 to bridge the media coverage void that exists for this great tournament, and Twitter is another great way for us to help soccer fans from around the country follow the Open Cup. You’ll find tons of information on the Twitter feed that you won’t find on the website, including links to other media outlets who are covering the tournament.

Fans looking to follow the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup can add Facebook to their list of online tools. Facebook members can search for “” or just go to to join to get updates, share photos, and take part in message board discussion.

With the change to the new website, the old Facebook page under the name “” is closed.

Fans can also contribute to the site through our Flickr page, where you can share your US Open Cup photos. Whether you were among the handful of people attending a state qualifying match, or among the thousands at the Open Cup final, we would love to see and share your photos.