The First Cup: Farr Alpaca’s protest upheld, replay with New Bedford FC ordered as Second Round draw announced (Nov. 8, 1913)

Posted by | November 9, 2012

New Bedford FC introduces “The First Cup” series, which revisits the first running of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup (then known as the National Challenge Cup) that took place from the fall of 1913 to the spring of 1914. Click here for the full series.

Note: As you read this, you’ll notice a lot of players with just one name. This is not an oversight on our part, but rather, many of the sources of this information (newspapers, publications etc.) only use the last name of players in their stories.

November 8, 1913

The Farr Alpaca club got another crack at New Bedford FC after the protest of their 3-1 loss in the opening round was upheld today by the United States Football Association (USFA). The Holyoke, Mass. team raised concerns over the fact that New Bedford failed to include the names of two players used in the game on the team roster before the contest on Nov. 1. The result was overturned by the USFA during a meeting held in New York City.

The rules require managers to exchange rosters seven days before the game is played. The players in question were eligible to play, but since they were not included in the roster, the Aplaca team will get another chance at the team from the Whaling City, who defeated them 3-1 in the original match. The replay is scheduled for Nov. 29 in Holyoke, Mass.

The draw for the Second Round was also announced at the same USFA meeting. Games must be played on or before Dec. 6.

Bethlehem FC at Braddock
Peabody at Wissinoming
Kensington AFC at West Philadelphia

New England
Presbyterian (Bridgeport, Conn.) at New Bedford or Farr Aplaca

Packard at Roses FC

Hyde Park Blues at MacDuff
Pullman at Campbell Rovers

New York
German FC at New York Celtic
Yonkers at Fulton AC
St. George at Hudson United
Columbia Oval at Clan MacKenzie
Brooklyn Field Club at Rangers FC
Hollywood Inn at Brooklyn Celtic

New Jersey
Watsessing at Babcock & Wilcox
Alley Boys FC at West Hudson Juniors

Western New York
Niagara Falls Rangers at McNaughton Rangers