1926 National Challenge Cup Results

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First Round
*advanced from qualifying rounds. All other clubs exempt from qualifying
Eastern Bracket
1/16/26Boston Wonder Workers2 : 1Fore River FC*
1/16/26J & P Coats4 : 1Abbot Worsted
1/16/26New Bedford Whalers5 : 0Shawsheen Indians
1/17/26Newark Skeeters1 : 5Bethlehem Steel
1/17/26Brooklyn Wanderers2 : 2 (aet)Indiana Flooring
1/24/26RIndiana Flooring2 : 3Brooklyn Wanderers
1/17/26Fall River Marksmen3 : 2Providence Clamdiggers
1/17/26New York Giants9 : 1Yonkers Thistle*
1/17/26Trenton FC*3 : 3 (aet)Philadelphia Field Club*
1/24/26RTrenton FC*1 : 4Philadelphia Field Club*
Western Bracket
1/10/26Wellston FC (St. L)1 : 2Pants Store FC (St. L)
1/17/26Gar Wood FC (Det.)3 : 4Canadian Club (Chi.)
1/17/26Olympia FC (Chi.)1 : 0Thistles FC (Chi.)
1/17/26Kenosha FC (Wis.)2 : 2Pullman FC (Chi.)
1/24/26RPullman FC4 : 0Kenosha FC
1/17/26Bricklayers FC (Chi.)2 : 1Sparta A & BA (Chi.)
1/17/26Thistle FC (Cle.)1 : 2Clan MacKenzie (Akron)
1/17/26Vesper Buick (St. L)7 : 2Royalton Stars (St. L)
1/24/26Ben Miller SC (St. L)3 : 1Magyar American FC (Cle.)

Second Round
Eastern Bracket
2/13/26Philadelphia Field Club1 : 2Bethlehem Steel
2/14/26Fall River Marksmen1 : 1Boston Wonder Workers
2/21/26RFall River Marksmen2 : 3Boston Wonder Workers
2/20/26New Bedford Whalers0 : 1J & P Coats
2/21/26Brooklyn Wanderers2 : 2 (aet)New York Giants
2/28/26RBrooklyn Wanderers1: 5New York Giants
Western Bracket
2/7/26Vesper Buick6 : 2Pants Store FC
2/7/26Ben Miller SCw/oClan MacKenzie (Akron)
*MacKenzie won 2-0. Ben Miller protested, and MacKenzie was DQ’d for using two ineligible players
2/7/26Pullman FC3 : 1Bricklayers FC
2/14/27Canadian Club1 : 1 (aet)Olympia FC
2/21/26RCanadian Club6 : 3Olympia FC

2/28/26Boston Wonder Workers3 : 5J & P Coats
3/7/26Ben Miller SC2 : 0Vesper Buick
3/14/26New York Giants1 : 2Bethlehem Steel
3/14/26Canadian Club1 : 1 (aet)Pullman FC
3/21/26RCanadian Club3 : 0Pullman FC

3/21/26J & P Coats1 : 3Bethlehem Steel
3/28/26Ben Miller SC2 : 0Canadian Club

at Ebbets Field – Brooklyn, New York
4/11/26Bethlehem Steel7 : 2Ben Miller SC
KEY – w/o – Walkover, R – Replay

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