1919 National Challenge Cup Results

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First Round
New York
10/20/18Morse Dry Dock4 : 0Standard Shipyard FC
10/20/18Robbins Dry Dock3 : 0Longfellows FC
10/20/18New York FCw/oClan MacDuff FC
10/20/18Viking FCw/oTebo FC
New Jersey
10/27/18Scottish American FC (NJ)3 : 1Crescent Ship FC
10/27/18Federal Ship1 : 1Babcock & Wilcox
11/3/18RFederal Ship3 : 1Babcock & Wilcox
10/27/18Hog Island FC0 : 1Merchants Shipbuilding A
10/28/18Paterson FC8 : 1Kinley FC
11/3/18Jersey AC1 : 0Passaic Swedish AC
Southern New England
11/2/18Pan American FC1 : 3J & P Coats
Northern Massachusetts
10/26/18Boston Rovers3 :6Merrimac Valley FC
11/2/18Fisk Red Tops2 : 8Fore River FC
10/20/18Bridgeport Swedish AC2 : 3Bridgeport City AFC
Eastern Pennsylvania
11/2/18Disston AA5 : 7Merchants Shipbuilding B
11/13/18Bethlehem Steel3 : 0New York Shipbuilding
11/10/18Bricklayers & Masons FC3 : 1American Hungarian FC

Second Round
New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania
11/23/18Bethlehem Steel4 : 3 (aet)Merchants Shipbuilding A
12/1/18Federal Shipbuilding2 : 1*Merchants Shipbuilding B

*Match ordered replayed after Merchants protest
12/25/18RFederal Shipbuilding3 : 2Merchants Shipbuilding B
12/1/18Scottish American FC (NJ)6 : 0Tietjen & Lang Dry Dock
12/1/18Paterson FC9 : 2Jersey AC
Connecticut & New York
12/1/18Robins Dry Dock2 : 1Bridgeport City AFC
12/1/18Morse Dry Dockw/oChinese Students FC
12/1/18New York FCw/oViking FC
Northern Massachusetts
11/23/18Fore River FC6 : 3Merrimac Valley
Southern New England
11/16/18J & P Coats6 : 0Olneyville Oaks FC
Western Pennsylvania
11/23/18Homestead Steelw/oPittsburgh FC
Pittsburgh FC withdraw due to World War I enlistments
11/10/18Roses FC4 : 0Solway FC
11/10/18Detroit FCw/oCorinthian FC
11/17/18Magyar American FC1 : 1Hydraulic Pressed Steel Company
11/24/18RMagyar American FC3 : 2Hydraulic Pressed Steel Company
11/18/18Goodyear FC8 : 1Goodrich FC
11/10/18Scottish American FC (Chi.)5 : 2Harvey FC
11/17/18Bricklayers & Masons FC1 : 0Lincoln Park

Third Round
12/21/18J & P Coats1 : 4Fore River FC
12/22/18Bricklayers & Masons2 : 0Scottish Americans
12/22/18Roses FC4 : 3 (aet)
Detroit FC
12/22/18Goodyear FC6 : 1Magyar American FC
12/22/18Paterson FC2 : 1*Robins Dry Dock
*Match abandoned at 74th minute due to darkness
12/22/18RPaterson FC3 : 1Robins Dry Dock
12/29/18Scottish American FC0 : 2New York FC
1/5/19Federal Shipyard0 : 0Morse Dry Dock
1/12/19RFederal Shipyard3 : 5 (aet)Morse Dry Dock
Bethlehem Steelw/oHomestead Steel Works
Homestead withdraw due to World War I enlistments
2/21/19Fore River FC0 : 0(aet)Paterson FC
3/2/19RPaterson FC2 : 1Fore River FC
3/1/19Bethlehem Steel5 : 0Goodyear FC
3/2/19New York FC0 : 2Morse Dry Dock
3/9/19Bricklayers & Masons5 : 2Roses FC

3/29/19Bethlehem Steel5 : 0Bricklayers & Masons
3/30/19Paterson FC4 : 1Morse Dry Dock


at Athletic Field – Fall River, Massachusetts
4/19/19Bethlehem Steel2 : 0Paterson FC
KEY – w/o – walkover, R – Replay

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