1916 National Challenge Cup Results

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Qualifying Round
10/12/15Cove Albions FC3 : 2Hose IX FC
10/12/15New Bedford Cotton Mills2 : 1Beehive Rangers
10/23/15Pan Americans6 : 2Gem AA
10/23/15Boston Americansw/oTaunton City
10/23/15Lynn Hibernian1 : 0St. George AA
10/23/15Clan Macpherson2 : 1Clan Lindsay
10/23/15Swedish American FC0 : 2Lynn Fosse
10/24/15Naugatuck FC4 : 1Bridgeport Rangers
New York & New Jersey
10/14/15Cameron FC2 : 1Greenpoint FC
10/14/15Alley Boys FC2 : 0Clam McDuff FC
10/14/15Clan MacDonald FC3 : 1New York Hibernian
10/14/15Our Boys FC4 : 1Greenville FC
10/14/15Paterson Thistles0 : 2I.R.T. Strollers
Rhode Island
10/23/15Plainfield FC0 : 6Smithfield Avenue Men’s Club
10/23/15Crompton FC4 : 2Greystone AC
Eastern Pennsylvania
10/23/15Bethlehem East End2 : 1Nativity Men’s Club
Northwestern New York
10/24/15Rochester City AFC7 : 2Celtic AFC
Western Pennsylvania
10/23/15Treveskyn FC2 : 1Donora Steel Works
10/23/15Braddock FC3 : 0Pittsburgh Rovers
10/24/15Woodland Rovers6 : 2Sons of St. George
10/24/15Detroit FC5 : 0Baudette United
10/24/15Caledonian FC1 : 2St. George FC
10/24/15MacDuff FC1 : 1 (AET)Chicago American FC
10/31/15RMacDuff FC2 : 0Chicago American FC
10/31/15Campbell Rovers1 : 1 (AET)Hyde Park Blues
11/7/15RCampbell Rovers1 : 2Hyde Park Blues

First Round
New York & New Jersey
11/14/15Brooklyn FC2 : 2Yonkers FC
11/25/15RYonkers FC1 : 0Brooklyn FC
11/14/15Brooklyn Celtic5 : 1Our Boys FC
11/14/15West Hudson AA1 : 1Clan MacDonald FC
11/21/15RClam MacDonald FC2:2 (AET)West Hudson AA
11/28/15RWest Hudson AA2 : 1Clan MacDonald FC
11/14/15I.R.T. Strollers5 : 1Columbia Oval
11/14/15Alley Boys FC2 : 1Babcock & Wilcox
11/14/15Continental FC5 : 0Cameron FC
11/21/15Jersey AA2 : 1Scottish American FC
11/6/15New Bedford Celtic6 : 1Brockton FC
11/13/15New Bedford FC5 : 2Andover United
11/6/15Pan American FC8 : 2Charlestown FC
11/13/15Boston American FC3 : 1Cove Albion FC
11/13/15Fore River FC4 : 0Lawrence FC
11/13/15Fall River Rovers3 : 0Clan McPherson FC
11/13/15New Bedford Cotton Mills3 : 2Lynn Hibernians
11/13/15Farr Alpaca1 : 0Chicopee Rovers
11/13/15Lynn Fosse1 : 1General Electric
11/20/15RLynn Fosse0 : 2General Electric
11/14/15Bridgeport City5 : 0Naugatuck FC
Rhode Island
11/6/15Howard & Bullough2 : 1Crompton FC
11/13/15J & P Coats4 : 0Smithfield Avenue Men’s Club
Eastern Pennsylvania
11/13/15Bethlehem East Ends0 : 9Bethlehem Steel
11/13/15Disston AA3 : 0Wanderers FC
11/13/15Hibernian FC15 : 0Peabody FC
11/13/15Viscose FC2 : 1Putnam FC
11/14/15St. George FC7 : 0Roses FC
11/14/15Packard FC3 : 3Detroit FC
12/5/15RPackard FC3 : 0Detroit FC
Northwestern New York
11/11/15Rochester Cityw/oGeneral Electric FC
Western Pennsylvania
11/20/15Treveskyn FC0 : 2Beadling FC
11/13/15Homestead Steel Works0 : 3Braddock FC
11/14/15Cleveland FC2:2 (AET)Woodlawn Rovers
11/21/15RCleveland FC3 : 0Woodlawn Rovers
11/7/15Thistles FC2 : 1Akron FC
12/5/15Hyde Park Blues2:2
2/20/16RMacDuffsw/oHyde Park Blues
Hyde Park Blues forfeit when they did not show
11/14/15Pullman FC2 : 1Bricklayers & Masons

Second Round
New York, New Jersey & NW New York
12/12/15West Hudson AA0:0 (AET)Yonkers FC
1/2/16RWest Hudson AA2 : 0Yonkers FC
12/12/15Babcock & Wilcox8 : 0Rochester City
12/12/15Continental FC3 : 0I.R.T. Strollers
12/12/15Brooklyn Celtic5 : 4Jersey AC
12/11/15New Bedford FC1 : 0New Bedford Celtic
12/11/15Lynn Hibernian1 : 1Boston American FC
12/25/15RLynn Hibernian3 : 0Boston American FC
12/25/15General Electric FC2 : 1Fore River FC
12/25/15Fall River Rovers1 : 0Pan American FC
12/12/15Bridgeport City3 : 3Farr Alpaca
1/5/16RBridgeport Cityw/oFarr Alpaca
Rhode Island
12/11/15Crompton FC2 : 1J & P Coats
Eastern Pennsylvania
12/11/15Bethlehem Steel1 : 1 (AET)Disston AA
12/25/15RDisston AA0 : 3Bethlehem Steel
12/11/15Viscose FC2 : 2Hibernian FC
12/25/15RHibernian FC3 : 3Viscose FC
1/1/16RViscose FC1 : 4Hibernian FC
12/12/15Packard FC2 : 2St. George FC
12/19/15RSt. George FC0 : 0Packard FC
1/9/16RPackard FC2 : 1St. George FC
12/12/15Thistles FC1 : 0Cleveland FC
2/27/16Pullman FC3 : 1MacDuff FC
Western Pennsylvania
12/11/15Braddock FC3 : 1Beadlign FC

Third Round
1/15/16Bethlehem Steel6 : 0Hibernian FC
1/16/16Continental FC1 : 0Brooklyn Celtic
1/16/16West Hudson FC2 : 1Babcock & Wilcox
1/15/16Braddock FC1 : 3Thistles FC
1/22/16Fall River Rovers4 : 0Lynn Hibernians
1/29/16General Electric FC2 : 7New Bedford FC
1/16/16Crompton FC0 : 2Bridgeport City
3/13/16Pullman FC2 : 0Hyde Park Blues

3/5/16Bridgeport City AFC0:1 (AET)Continental FC
3/20/16Thistles FC1 : 3Pullman FC
4/2/16West Hudson AC0 : 1Bethlehem Steel
4/1/16New Bedford FC1 : 1Fall River Rovers
4/8/16RFall River Rovers6 : 0New Bedford FC

4/15/16Fall River Rovers1 : 0 (AET)Continental FC
4/16/16Pullman FC0:0
Bethlehem Steel
4/22/16RBethlehem Steel2 : 1Pullman FC


at Coates Field – Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Fall River Rovers0 : 1Bethlehem Steel
KEY – w/o – walkover, R – Replay

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