1914 National Challenge Cup Results

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First Round

New York City District
Nov. 2, 1913Brooklyn Field Club1:0IRT Strollers
Nov. 2, 1913German FC5:0Cameron FC
Byes – Yonkers FC, Brooklyn Celtic FC, Clan MacKenzie FC, Columbia Oval FC, Fulton A.C., Hollywood Inn FC
New Jersey District
Nov. 2, 1913Alley Boys FC8:5C.S. Jersey Blues FC
Nov. 2, 1913Babcock & Wilcox2:6Cowboy FC
Byes – Watsessing FC, West Hudson Juniors
Pennsylvania District
Nov. 1, 1913Bethlehem Steel7:0Disston FC
Nov. 1, 1913Tacony FC (Phi.)w/oKensington FC (Phi.)
Byes – Braddock FC, West Philadelphia FC, Wissinoming
Western New York District
Nov. 2, 1913Niagara Falls Rangers6:1Buffalo Corinthians
Bye – McNaughton Rangers
New England District
Nov. 1, 1913New Bedford FC3:1Farr Alpaca (Holyoke, MA)
Bye – Presbyterian FC (Bridgeport, CT)
Detroit District
Byes – Packard FC, Roses FC
Chicago District
Byes – Campbell Rovers FC, Hyde Park Blues FC, MacDuffs FC, Pullman FC

Second Round

New York City District
Nov. 30, 1913Hudson United0:0St. George FC
Dec. 7, 1913Yonkers FC3:0Fulton A.C.
Dec. 14, 1913Columbia Oval FC5:1Clan MacKenzie FC
Dec. 14, 1913New York Celtic FC4:1German FC
Dec. 14, 1913Brooklyn Celtic FC6:0Hollywood Inn FC
Dec. 21, 1913Brooklyn Field Club3:0Brooklyn Rangers
Dec. 14, 1913Hudson United1:1St. George FC
Dec. 21, 1913St. George FC2:1Hudson United
New Jersey District
Dec. 14, 1913Babcock & Wilcox5:3Watsessing FC
Dec. 14, 1913West Hudson Juniors3:3Alley Boys FC
Dec. 21, 1913Alley Boys FC4:0West Hudson Juniors
Pennsylvania District
Dec. 6, 1913Braddock FC (Pit.)2:3 (aet)Bethlehem Steel
Dec. 6, 1913Peabody FC1:1Wissinoming FC
Dec. 6, 1913West Philadelphia FC4:1Kensington FC
Dec. 13, 1913Peabody FC3:0Wissinoming FC
Western New York District
Nov. 30, 1913Niagara Falls Rangersw/oMcNaughton Rangers
Game protested by Niagara Falls Rangers; protest sustained, replay ordered for 1/18/14
McNaughton failed to appear and forfeited. McNaughton won original game 1-0.
New England District
Dec. 6, 1913New Bedford FC3:0Presbyterian FC
Detroit District
Dec. 14, 1913Roses FC2:2Packard FC
Dec. 21, 1913Roses FC2:1Packard FC
Chicago District
Dec. 6, 1913Pullman FC3:0Campbell Rovers FC
Dec. 6, 1913Hyde Park Blues FC2:0MacDuffs FC

Third Round

Jan. 18, 1914Brooklyn Celtic5:0Babcock & Wilcox
Jan. 24, 1914New Bedford FC2:0West Philadelphia FC
Jan. 25, 1914Brooklyn Field Club1:0Bethlehem Steel
Jan. 25, 1914Columbia Oval FC2:1Alley Boys FC
Jan. 31, 1914Peabody FCw/oSt. George FC
Feb. 1, 1914Yonkers FC3:1New York Celtic FC
Feb. 1, 1914Niagara Falls Rangers2:0Roses FC
Mar. 8, 1914Pullman FC4:2Hyde Park Blues FC


Mar. 21, 1914New Bedford FC1:1Peabody FC
Mar. 28, 1914Brooklyn Field Club4:1Yonkers FC
Apr. 5, 1914Niagara Falls Rangers2:1Pullman FC
Brooklyn Celtic2:0Columbia Oval FC
New Bedford FC4:1Peabody FC


Apr. 18, 1914Brooklyn Field Club2:1New Bedford FC
Apr. 26, 1914Brooklyn Celtic6:2Niagara Falls Rangers


at Coats Field – Pawtucket, Rhode Island
May 16, 1914Brooklyn Field Club2:1Brooklyn Celtic

Note of Interest: Yonkers FC was listed as being the “present cup holder”!

This is because the Dewar Cup had been originally created in 1913 for a different tournament, the A.A.F.A. Cup Tie Competition (which was only held that one year). Yonkers FC won that tournament, but those games are not officially counted as part of U.S. Open Cup history.

New Jersey District

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